The Writer Goes to Poland

Hello, all!

I hope this update finds you well. I am just writing to let you know that I am leaving for a two-week trip to Poland today and, to top off the exciting news, I was asked by a local newspaper reporter to record my travels. I’m not sure how readily accessible wifi will be in Poland, so I probably won’t be able to post each day. But I will do my best to keep you updated as to all of the adventures I’ll be going on, the people I’ll be meeting, the places I’ll be seeing. Included in my travel itinerary is:

  • a little ski village in the mountains
  • a medieval castle
  • the salt mines
  • Auschwitz
  • a Polish market
  • an encounter with Pope Francis

…and that’s only a little bit of it!

Stay tuned to hear all about my journey to Poland.