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About Jacquelyn Eubanks

Hey, Jacky here! By my senior year of high school, I'd become an award-winning, best-selling fiction novelist. I've learned the ins and outs of writing, publishing, and building an author platform at a young age, and now I teach writers how to turn their dream story into a reality. So if you have a story that's desperate to be told, look no further. I'm here to journey with you to author success.

Award-Winning Author
Featured on live TV & radio, in newspapers & online
Taught creative writing workshops at local schools to promote literacy

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How to Balance Plot & Prose in Your Writing

If you ever submit the first draft of your story to an editor or critique group, they’re guaranteed to find mistakes. No doubt about it, they’ll find something “wrong” and tell you about it. Hurtful? Often. Necessary? Heck, yeah. One of the biggest struggles I’ve encountered with writers is finding a balance between progressing the […]

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Why You Need a Writing Community (+ Where to Find It)

Because writing a novel is such a personal experience – I mean, it’s just you and whatever words you write down – we tend to have an skewed perspective of our work. Writing isn’t meant to be in a vacuum, though, so even if you spend hours upon hours alone writing that rough draft, you […]

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How Writing Helped Me Embrace My Sadness

This is a much darker post than anything I’ve written before on this blog. Up until this point, I’ve shared stories of triumph, writing thoughts, and helpful tips. But now I want to share a bit of my heart – and how writing helped me through the darkest period of my entire life. I share […]

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