Why You Need Scrivener in Your Writing Life: Guest Post by the Kindlepreneur
Scrivener, Writing Life, Dave Chesson, Kindlepreneur

I’m all for helping writers improve their writing lives, streamline their writing process, and up their writing game. That’s why I’d like to introduce author/blogger/Kindle marketing expert Dave Chesson, a.k.a. the Kindlepreneur of kindlepreneur.com. He’s an avid user of the revolutionary writing software “Scrivener”. Now if you’re anything like me (I write in a notebook […]

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Common Writing Mistakes (+ How to Avoid Them)
writing mistakes, common mistakes, mistakes you're making, writing mistakes you're making, avoid writing mistakes, how to avoid writing mistakes

I’ve made a lot of mistakes when it comes to writing, and I’ve noticed mistakes by other authors in poorly written books. In fact, there are some mistakes that are so common, we don’t even know we’re making them! Here are 10 of the biggest ones I’ve found that you, too, may be making. 1. […]

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Prewriting: How to Make a Plot Outline
Before you even put pen to paper, set your novel up for success with this flow-chart plot outline technique. Includes a free outlining worksheet.

I recognize that there are a lot of writers who enjoy writing by the seat of their pants. Aka, Pantsers. I can see the lure of it; it’s like being a biker on the open road. No map = complete freedom to go wherever you feel. Nothing but you and the thrill of the ride. […]

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Prewriting: What to Do Before Starting Your Novel
Ready to start your novel? Set yourself up for success with these prewriting methods to research & develop your story before you even put pen to paper.

Think you’re ready to start that novel? Not quite! When I wrote my best-selling, award-winning novels, I developed a process of prewriting research & development before I even put pen to paper. This is a sure-fire way to set your novel up for success (and make the actual writing of it a whole heck of […]

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