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 Audiences will benefit with practical tips for establishing good writing habits and strategies for publishing. Jacky can also share the stories behind the novel THE LAST SUMMER.  Some programs she puts on include:

“How to Write a Novel Workshop” is a crash-course on creative writing and an interactive program for middle school/junior high students. Designed to get kids thinking outside the box and inventing their very own characters, plot lines, and perfect “YOUtopias” for the setting. Guaranteed both fun and learning for all involved. Great for a classroom setting.

“The Hero’s Journey” is an engaging speech targeted to middle- and high-school students. In it, Jacquelyn discuss the cycle of the hero’s journey as portrayed in literature, how it’s applicable to kids’ own lives, and kids can find the hero within themselves. Aimed to motivate and inspire kids to stand up for what’s right and become the best people they can be. Works best in large group setting or assembly.

Jacquelyn Eubanks photo 2

Author Jacquelyn gives an interactive creative writing workshop to junior high students

Jacquelyn is happy to speak to your audience when available. Contact her through

VG Publishing at (1)-810-580-1687 or requests@JacquelynEubanks.com


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