Jacquelyn Eubanks is Best Selling, Award Winning Finalist author of The Last Summer Series.  The first book in the Series, THE LAST SUMMER was a 2012 USA Book News Award Finalist and Amazon Best Seller.  THE LAST TIME has won three Awards: 5 Star Readers Favorite, 2014 National Indie Excellence Award Finalist, 2014 Readers Favorite Bronze Medal Winner.  Jacuelyn is 17 Years Old and is a Senior at Austin Catholic High School in Ray, Michigan.

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Jacquelyn Eubanks 427×640

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2014 RF Awards 3984×2240

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Award Winning Author 3984×2240

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 Author Biography (1,000 characters)

 A born storyteller, 15-year-old Jacquelyn Eubanks started writing as soon as she learned how to put pencil to paper, and she completed the first draft of her novel, The Last Summer, when she was only twelve. The eldest of a family of three girls, the author lives in Michigan, is an avid fan of the Detroit Tigers, and attends Cardinal Mooney High School in Marine City.

First Person Author Biography (1,000 characters)

A born storyteller, I started writing as soon as I learned how to put pencil to paper, and I completed the first draft of The Last Summer, when I was only twelve. Now fifteen years old, I am the eldest of a family of three girls, live in Michigan, and am an avid fan of the Detroit Tigers. I attend Cardinal Mooney High School in Marine City.

First Person Author Biography (140 characters)

An avid fan of the Detroit Tigers, I live in Michigan and completed my first published novel, The Last Summer, at the age of fourteen.

THE LAST SUMMER Sentence Description (200 characters)

Written for young adults, The Last Summer, a novel by Jacquelyn Eubanks, stresses the importance of friendship and faith while illustrating how anything can be accomplished by staying true to oneself.

THE LAST SUMMER Short Description (2,000 characters)

For a small Georgia town in 1955, things aren’t always what they seem. Charlotte “Charley” Mason is viewed as your average weirdo tomboy by pretty much everybody – except her best friends, eight boys who play on a summer-long baseball team. In her team, she’s viewed as an equal, unlike her home and school life. If she isn’t being taunted by the Pretty Posse or Biff Richardson’s gang, then she has her mother pressuring her to be a perfect little lady. These past years have made her tougher and stronger, especially with her two best friends, Frankie and Arthur, by her side. And then of course there’s her Grandpa, who once was a professional baseball player for the Yankees, who passed on his passion of the game to her. He gave her the beloved signature Yankees baseball cap that she always wears. So you can imagine she’s ready for things to finally go her way. She’s ready for a summer to remember…the only thing standing in her way is the sudden, out-of-the-blue fact that she is moving to New York on August first. She realizes she has one shot at making her last summer in Valia Springs worthwhile. Now the question is, how can she make one last summer last a lifetime? Showing it’s okay to be different, this captivating story is about love, determination, and staying true to one’s own values. Nostalgic, romantic, and sweet, The Last Summer is a story that will stay with readers for a long time.

THE LAST SUMMER Extended Description

It’s June 1948, and Charlotte Mason’s father is tentatively backing the family’s Oldsmobile into the driveway of a small two-story home in northeastern Georgia. Only five minutes ago, almost 8-year-old Charlotte was excited to move into their new house, but now she’s not so sure when she sees how quiet and lonely it appears. Sent to help move boxes to her room, it’s not long before she proves to be “too much of an obstacle,” and is forced to sit on the porch with nothing to do. This is when, as if from nowhere, the cutest boy she has ever seen appears in the front yard of the house directly across the street. Jumping up, she rushes over to meet him. “Hi! My name’s Charley,” she says, because only special people get to call her Charley. She soon learns the boy’s name is Frankie, that he’s the same age as her, and what’s more, he’s wearing a baseball mitt. Pointing to the New York Yankees baseball cap on her head, Charley grins. “Well? What are we waiting for?” she shouts excitedly. “Let’s go play!”

It turns out that Frankie is amazing. Every throw and catch he makes is perfect, and because he thinks Charley is talented “for a girl,” he’s sure his friends would welcome her to join their team. Suddenly, Charley hears an unfamiliar voice calling her name. “Charlotte! Charlotte! Charlotte! Where are you? Charlotte!” A pretty blonde girl runs through the open backyard gate, and with fear and worry crawling all over her face, she stops short before screaming in outrage.

Inspired by the movie, The Sandlot, and the novel, Penny from Heaven by Jennifer L. Holm, The Last Summer is also based on Jacquelyn Eubanks’s personal fantasy of being a different person in another time period. Who is this mysterious blonde girl, and why is she so incensed? As the novel fast-forwards to 1955, it’s guaranteed readers aged 12-16 who enjoy novels with a theme of first love, enjoy baseball/softball, and are interested in 1950s America will keep turning the pages to find out. “I want my readers to know that with confidence and inner strength, they can accomplish anything,” says the 14-year-old author. “I would also like them to understand the importance of not conforming to societal pressures and staying true to themselves, and to realize the value of true friendship and faith.” Nostalgic, romantic, and sweet, The Last Summer is the sort of story that will stay with readers for a long time.

Reviews/Praise for The Last Summer…..

I instantly felt a connection to Charley as the heroine, rooting for her through the days of summer, as she struggled with both the internal and external changes faced by a teenage girl.  The Last Summer is, without question, a novel I would recommend for my classroom library and one that would capture the attention of junior high students, both boys and girls alike.  Jacky’s talent for writing surpasses the ordinary to the extraordinary.

-Kathleen Falk

‘Professor Jackie’ takes us on a wonderful field trip into a past that is rich with historical significance. We discover through the lives of these eloquently drawn characters a time in which friendship was a treasured find and love still held the magic of innocence. And in many ways, this story gives voice to a new generation whose values signal a rebirth of such a time.

-Dr. Robert McTyre Sr.

Jacquelyn Eubanks has an exceptional first book – plotting, development of characters and creating her little Georgia town marks this author for future greatness.

-Robert Pendergast Lima, Fort Wayne, Chicago Newsman

“Eubanks is a writer far beyond her years with the ability to capture the reader’s attention and interest from the get-go. The maturity in her written word and story-telling ability is apparent throughout. ‘The Last Summer’  is a page-turner that is sure to resonate with young adults and mature audiences alike. Set in a small town in the mid-1950s, ‘The Last Summer’ is an adventurous tale that explores the peculiarities of childhood including friendship, family, personal beliefs and young love. The relatable characters, dynamic relationships and touching storyline yield an impressive glimpse into the inner workings of a young girl finding her footing as she faces a move from the place she has come to call home.”

-Alison Cavatore CEO & Founder of Global Living Magazine

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