Jacquelyn Eubanks

Author of THE LAST SUMMER Series

Contest Information

Written By: Jacky Eubanks


A personalized, signed copy of “The Last Summer”,

A New York Yankees baseball cap,

A $25 Amazon Gift Card

A feature on the website, JacquelynEubanks.com


VG Publishing will be giving away prizes to the best on-line review submitted in April.

How can you win?

By writing the best/most memorable review of The Last Summer on Amazon.com. When you write the review on Amazon, email me a copy of the review to requests@JacquelynEubanks.com. Simply include in your email

  • The title of the review and your amazon username or
  • A copy of the review with your amazon username

 What do you need to do?

Simply read The Last Summer by Jacquelyn Eubanks, then go on Amazon.com and write a review for the book and email the information requested to requests@JacquelynEubanks.com. It’s that simple.

The deadline: April 30th. VG Publishing will announce the winner by May 15th, 2013.

Obtain a copy of The Last Summer from Amazon.com, from Kindle, or Barnes & Noble.

*Serious Entries only. Open to Residents of USA and Canada. Winner will be chosen by Staff of VG Publishing. Entrants under 18 years of age, seek parental permission. Questions can be directed to requests@www.JacquelynEubanks.com

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