The Last Summer is the first book in Jacquelyn Eubanks’ award-winning, best-selling LAST SUMMER Series

 Photo of The Last Summer book CoverFor a small Georgia town in 1955, things aren’t always what they seem. Charlotte “Charley” Mason is viewed as your average weirdo tomboy by pretty much everybody – except her best friends, eight boys who play on a summer-long baseball team. In her team, she’s viewed as an equal, unlike her home and school life. If she isn’t being taunted by the Pretty Posse or Biff Richardson’s gang, then she has her mother pressuring her to be a perfect little lady. These past years have made her tougher and stronger, especially with her two best friends, Frankie and Arthur, by her side. And then of course there’s her Grandpa, who once was a professional baseball player for the Yankees, who passed on his passion of the game to her. He gave her the beloved signature Yankees baseball cap that she always wears. So you can imagine she’s ready for a summer to remember…the only thing standing in her way is the sudden, out-of-the-blue fact that she is moving to New York on August first. She realizes she has one shot at making her last summer in Valia Springs worth while.

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THE LAST SUMMER is a smart coming-of-age novel where the protagonist experiences relatable situations of growing up such as first love, bullying and acceptance. Readers will fall in love with the innocent and relatable Charley, as they are able to get inside her head and experience all of her feelings, thoughts and actions, ones similar to what many teenagers face.” ~

“Jacquelyn Eubanks has an exceptional first book – plotting, development of characters and creating her little Georgia town marks this author for future greatness.” ~ Robert Pendergast, Lima, Fort Wayne, Chicago newsman

“This book has given me a great appreciation for literature set place in previous decades and has enhanced my already deep infatuation for young authors and their accomplishments…I highly recommend this book to both young and old people who can appreciate the era that was the mid to late 50s, or who just simply want to read a book that will captivate their hearts and never let go.” ~ Amelia Faith, young adult author of When Everyone Thinks You’re Gone and If I Make It

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