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The Last Time is the second novel in THE LAST SUMMER Series by Jacquelyn Eubanks

It’s out of the frying pan and into the fire… It’s 1955, and Charlotte “Charley” Mason has just moved to New York, leaving behind her hometown in Georgia, her group of baseball-playing best friends, and her boyfriend, Frankie. Things in her perfect new town aren’t all they’re cracked up to be, though. Her relationship with her mother has gone from bad to worse, her grandpa’s leukemia is slowly killing him before her very eyes, and the athletic tomboy has to begin her sophomore year at the preppy, snobby all-girls school, Our Lady Queen of Angels. When a confrontation with the most popular girl in school, Angelica Whitman, goes horribly wrong, her chances at social acceptance are completely destroyed. What’s a poor tomboy to do? She’ll have to make lemonade out of lemons with the help of her new best friend, Victoria, her amazing boyfriend, and her perseverant attitude. She will join the softball team, attend a sock hop, get detention, run for Homecoming Queen, have a sleepover, make friends (and enemies), stay true to herself, and overcome all odds. But even then, it might not be enough. All that she loves may be lost. The Last Time is an engaging novel about a girl who faces universal high school challenges with grace and courage.

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“The burden of achieving social acceptance and outward, physical beauty can be crushing for a teenage girl. But then there are the victories, both small and large; little feats of independence and larger, inward self-acceptance. Jacquelyn Eubanks in The Last Time showcases a sympathetic and beautiful soul with her heroine Charley…Eubanks shows the strong but tender heart of a girl who feels the grief of last times, but with the hope of new beginnings.” ~ Jean Hall, Readers’ Favorite Reviews

“As readers delve into the coming-of-age novel, they continue to grow and relate to the brave protagonist. Although the series takes place in the ‘50s, readers of any era could relate to the situations Charley faces…The romantic and inspiring novel is an outlet to teenagers of any age, and is nostalgic to adults. We wish we had this novel when we were growing up, and encourage readers of all ages to experience Charley’s unforgettable journey.” ~

“The story is so rich and enveloping that it’s hard to tell reality from fiction when reading it. I felt like I was in the 1950s as I read the book…All in all, this story was a fantastic read. Very engaging, but also rough on the emotions.” ~ Amelia Faith, young adult author of When Everyone Thinks You’re Gone and If I Make It

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